Our objective is to promote the profession of interior design at the highest level of competence

The Society of British and International Design is the UK-based standard bearer organisation for the accreditation of professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions. We work to strengthen the profession of interior design and the commercial success of our members.

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As an organisation we believe strongly in collaboration. The strong industry links we form create vital opportunities for our members and allow SBID to further its expertise in all areas of the interior design industry. We work with industry and trade partners as well as professional organisations in the UK and around the world to promote and protect professional interior design and to establish a global network of accredited professionals.

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SBID host events to support, inform and advise our members. We invite a global network of industry stakeholders to participate; so as to educate, inform and inspire the design industry at large. Hosted by SBID, our partners and members, our events facilitate life-long learning and career development.

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One of SBID’s aims is to build a ‘learning to earning’ ethos in interior design education. We are actively involved in the education sector, working with UK universities to create accredited university courses that meet the criteria of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) European Charter of Education. This ensures SBID accredited UK universities offer a degree-level education that develops comprehensive, practical and commercial skills to enhance the employment prospects of its interior design graduates.

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  • Project Of The Week – Berkshire Show Home

    This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire series features the striking interiors of the Berkshire Show Home created by Barclay Interiors. From concept to completion, the main objective for this space was to deliver a glamorous, unique and energised scheme whilst also achieving a fully functional environment within a......

  • Project Of The Week – Orbi, Dubai

    This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire series features Orbi, Dubai an interactive visitor centre. Orbi was conceptualised to offer an amazing digital experience to its visitors and the entire space revolves around interactive technology. The space is designed for people of all generations and different......

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A fantastic and thought provoking talk from @DuluxTrade @m_shillingford on using colour to create positive spaces,… https://t.co/ECrMTPMoI2

@TheSBID @JanuaryFurnShow @duluxuk @duluxtrade just about to talk about creating Positive Spaces with colour at the NEC. Wish me luck!

@m_shillingford @TheSBID @JanuaryFurnShow Good luck!

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